Our mission is to give a high standard of TeleHealth across the globe. We believe in working with clients to discover the root issues of their issues and provide healing services.

As we work with clients, it’s important for us to build trusting relationships with you.

We listen to your needs and understand where best to direct you.

If your issue is outside of our scope, we will support you in referring you to a Medical Doctor.

We work to support clients with chronic diseases, in remission, rehabilitation, and mental health.

The WELLEVATE Community Education is important to us. We offer education for clients to ensure longevity for you and your family

Our Approach

We consider the whole person, body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  Through this approach, we believe one can achieve optimal health and living, especially by gaining the proper balance in life.  If one part of the body is not working properly, other parts will be affected, therefore creating an imbalance in our overall living.  Our goal is to create a personalized program to support your healing journey.

  • Sessions involve healing the roots cause of the problem, not alleviating symptoms
  • Healing takes a team approach and addresses all aspects of an individual’s life
  • Our bodies have the ability to heal, if in the correct environment

“I wanted to improve my fitness and energy throughout one of Dr Ann’s programs. I learned that certain foods weren’t as beneficial for me as I thought, such as apples, kale, and broccoli. I’ve learnt that I do best with high intensity interval training such as CrossFit and spinning. Since the program I’ve maintained a health body weight, I feel stronger, more energetic, my moods are more stable, and I find myself thinking more clearly. Even my relationship with others is more meaningful because I have a better understanding of myself and what I have to offer.”

Charlotte D

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Josie Fifi

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Meghan Mae

What We Offer

Online Pain Management
High Performance Rehabilitation

Online Pain Management

Have you ever felt physically ill due to stress or anxiety? Psychosomatic pain is when your emotional and mental stress begins making you physically sick. “Psychosomatic” explains the relation between mind and body. The term is a combination of the Greek words psyche “mind” + somatic, from soma, which means “body”.

Psychosomatic Therapy is a therapeutic process to help you resolve your trauma and increase your resilience to life’s difficulties. It is a pioneering approach to liberate one from physical and psychological symptoms of stress, pain, shock, and trauma, by acting on its causes.

Somethings we work with: 

  • Back Pain
  • Relationships 
  • Neck Pain
  • Weight Loss 
  • Headaches 
  • Chronic cough/clearing throat
  • Visceral Pain 
  • Jaw tightness 
  • Nausea/Vomiting/Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Insomnia/Sleep apnea 
  • Sexual Dysfunction 
  • Chest Pains


Give Your Body The Tools It Needs to Heal.

Our bodies have an incredible ability to self-heal. The primary role of the naturopathic doctor is to facilitate healing by identifying and then removing obstacles preventing optimal health.   Along with each patient, they support the creation and maintenance of a healthy internal and external environment so that each person can live their best life.

By Taking The Time To Understand The Whole Person We Discover the Root of Dis-ease.

Health and illness are dependent on a combination of many factors including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, chemical, hormonal, social, etc…It is necessary to take all of these factors into account when treating the whole person. When these factors are functioning harmoniously it sets up the optimal environment for our bodies to heal, recover from illness, and prevent future disease.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Also listed as a Functional/Alternative Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are highly-educated primary care providers who integrate standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies including diet and lifestyle changes, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, personalized health, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation, and traditional Chinese medicine, which may also be used during treatments.

Some of the conditions treated by Naturopathic Doctors include:

  • Digestive complaints such as GERD, IBS, IBD, constipation, food intolerance
  • Cancer support/Cancer remission 
  • Services to manage heart disease 
  • Stress management
  • Respiratory complaints, such as allergies, asthma, colds, and flu
  • Sleep disorders/insomnia 
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Hormone problems, for example, acne, infertility, menstrual complaints, menopause, thyroid issues
  • Pain management such as arthritis, and sports injuries
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Comprehensive Testing to find the root cause of your issues 
  • A personalized program, with supplements and herbs to balance hormones (men and women)

high performance rehabilitation

Treatments can include the following:

  • Personalized exercise programs designed to improve your strength, range of motion, and function

  • Joint mobilization and manipulation to reduce pain and stiffness

  • Management of incontinence including pelvic floor re-education

  • Functional activity and tolerance testing and training

  • Work and occupational re-training and return to work planning

  • Environmental change, focusing on removing barriers to function

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